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How did we get to the dark side so fast? This world cannot keep going like it is.

A little girl was killed…no not killed. Killed isn’t the right word.

Caylee Anthony was DESTROYED! Caylee Anthony was ABANDONED! Caylee Anthony was FORGOTTEN! Why? So Casey Anthony could live “The Good Life“? I’m feeling sick to my stomach right now. Not because justice wasn’t served. Not because Casey Anthony didn’t get the death penalty. I’m sick to my stomach because a 2 year old girl who never did anything wrong was DESTROYED, ABANDONED and FORGOTTEN. We have come to a point in human history when we don’t really deserve to be here. We have, as a society, failed. It may take a village to raise a child but it only takes 1 sociopathic mother to murder that child. Yes that’s right MURDER. They say little Caylee drowned in the pool. If that’s true then it was an accident, but if she drowned then she wasn’t being watched and was being neglected. Where’s those charges? Even a person who leaves the family dog in a hot car will at least get a ticket. Even the mutt in the hot car gets more justice. It only took 12 jurors to condemn all of us to hell. Evil walks with us and we just smile.



  1. We can complain all day long but we know the procecution didn’t prove anything (Don’t get me wrong, I hate Casey, If I see her in the street, Imma run her over and use some duct tape to make sure she’s dead). Instead of trying to get murder one, they should’ve evaluated the existing evidence and shot for a lesser charge. And they should’ve changed their game plan after that dimwit jury was selected. The case was lost in the science they tried to prove that never existed in the case. Syndication with the Anthony family was a bad idea too. Should’ve blamed them all for the lost of that life. It’s sad how much money Casey is going to make out of this and we’re all in some way going to contribute to that.

    • I agree with you. But I’m still mad as hell

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        • Posted July 6, 2011 at 6:42 pm
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        Yes, I can’t even sleep

  2. Unbelievable! She has gotten away with murdering her child and there is no justice for Caylee. I cannot believe that she is actually walking and will never be charged for nothing more than lying to officials. I hope she is haunted the rest of her days and God will be her judge, jury and executioner and she will pay dearly for all eternity! Then little Caylee will be at rest!

    • It’s enough to make me want to……..________. Please fill in the blank.

  3. I’m still sick over it too…..The only reason they charged her with lying is because they seen it on video.. The only thing about these jurors is that they are a jury of her peers.. STUPID…..

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